#1. I will be unavailable from the 7th of October through the 15th as I will be out of the country! I will be unable to ship that week, nor will I be able to be at my usual places that week. I WILL be at the Eustis Flea market on the 16th, but will be busy for a few days catching up on shipping, so will not have time for individual meetings... probably for that entire week following.
I will not be at my usual place this Saturday, October 4th, due to an event.

#2. A Note: I have been extremely busy and the time I have to meet individuals is backed up by 3-5 days!... The fastest way to get an order is to meet me at one of my designated locations or order on-line,
Thank you, Debbie

A special 'Hi' to my Central Florida Clients. Due to the huge demand, there is not enough hours in a day to visit each of you as you call me. I am now getting as many as 20 or 30 requests for a Zi Bye Weight product a day!

I want to thank each and every single one of you! Starting October 1st, (or close to it) I will be at different places in the area at different times and I will need you to catch me at an area near you. I will have a scheduled to share with you soon.

If I am not going to be near you within a couple of days, The quickest way to receive an order is if you pay on-line. I will ship your order out the next day at the latest. (Weekend orders go out Monday).

I still want to visit with you as time permits and if you have ANY questions, you better call me! I will continue to try to give everyone any personal guidance you need, (& I sure do not want to miss talking with you... Y'all feel almost like family. But then, you know that).

There is a on-line 'Buy' button at the bottom of the store for a 2 bottle purchase. You get a $2 discount per bottle when you buy two at the same time. Be sure to type which products you want in the comments section as you check out.

Due to rising costs, I am unable to discount any bottle more than $2, so there are not multiple discounts on one bottle. (It was either that, raise the regular price or get a full time job!) Thank you for your understanding.

~Your favorite ZiByeWeight Rep