We will be out of town... attending a father's 98th B-day celebration... starting from August 24th to the 30th. Please squeeze in your orders before then if you will need a new bottle at that tome. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.
New Vendor... Higher quality.
After much searching and trial and error, we have partnered up with who we believe is a more reliable manufacturer than some in the past. You will notice a slight difference in capsule color and we expect you will agree with us that this new vendor is a keeper! Thank you for your patience. 

WOW!!! The New Slenderi-Zing is a very high quality. We expect that everyone  will be shedding pounds, detoxing well and have a ton of energy. I hope that you will love it!

~Your favorite ZiByeWeight Rep

There has been a rash of customers whom for some unknown reason enter a former or billing address different from where they want the product delivered. PLEASE: Be sure to double check that the shipping address is correct. We cannot be liable for orders sent to the address it was requested to be shipped to!