Coming Soon!

Our Vitali-Zing brand has been re-formulated and is receiving amazing reviews... the new Vitali-Zing is expected to be available in the next two or three weeks, (1st week in February). Stay tuned for news of it's release!


There has been a rash of customers whom for some unknown reason enter a former or billing address different from where they want the product delivered. PLEASE: Be sure to double check that the shipping address is correct. We cannot be liable for orders sent to the address it was requested to be shipped to!

Real-i-Zing New Retro Look!
Real-I-Zing capsules now have the old red & white look... they are NOT the old formula! This formula has been thoroughly tested and most people are losing Lbs and then inches and back to Lbs! If these do not help... the only thing we could suggest is adding 2 *Maxim-I-Zing a day... 5 days on 5 days off. We are keeping our *Maxim-I-Zing special for just that possibility! Enjoy!

Our Xtra Special:
For those needing/wanting to take 2
Real-i-Zing and 1 Maxim-i-Zing a day: Buy 2 bottles of Real-i-Zing (at the full retail) and get 1 bottle of *Maxim-i-Zing at half price! A 2 month supply, 3 bottles for $87.50

Our XXtra Special:

For those needing/wanting 2 Real-i-Zing and 2 Maxim-i-Zing a day: 2 bottles of Real-i-Zing
(at the full retail) & 2 bottles of *Maxim-i-Zing at half price! A 2 month supply, 4 bottles for $105
*Note: Maxim-I-Zing should be taken 5 days on/5 days of.

I hope this makes your weight loss journey more affordable,

Just a note to say how happy I am with the current Real-i-Zing product after dealing with an inferior formula. It took some time, but happy days are here again and I'd like to thank every single one of my clients for their patience and their business,

~Your favorite ZiByeWeight Rep