I will be out of town on June 22nd thru June 30th so if orders are slightly delayed... don't worry, I am still shipping from out of town! The show must go on!
If this site disappears, they are just upgrading it and it return within 30-45 minutes, thank you for your patience.
It's here...

The new bee pollen formula we have all been waiting for. It's called:

WOW!!! The New Poweri-Zing is better than we had dreamed was possible... Everyone is shedding pounds, detoxing well and the energy is a focused energy like no product we have ever carried! I know you will love it!

~Your favorite ZiByeWeight Rep

There has been a rash of customers whom for some unknown reason enter a former or billing address different from where they want the product delivered. PLEASE: Be sure to double check that the shipping address is correct. We cannot be liable for orders sent to the address it was requested to be shipped to!